We are currently recruiting! Do you have a passion for cycling, guiding and speaking in English? Can you see yourself becoming a tour guide, working in the community, and joining our team?

If so, email us today at phallac@soksabike.com

Or call our office directly: 012 542 019 to express your interest! 

Kanha, operations manager

Kanha, Managing Director

Hello everyone! I am Kanha, I was born in Pursat province but my family moved to live in Battambang when I was young. Now I work as the Managing Director at Soksabike during the week. I’m very happy that I have the chance to work with Soksabike because I learn so many things from them. I like cycling, and when I have free time me and my team always ride our bicycles to Battambang Airport because it is such a relaxing place.



Sreysor, Operations Coordinator, Soksabike

My name is Sreysor. I like Soksabike team so much. I have learnt a lot from this lovely team. Soksabike for me is home and team is family. I was born on the khmer-Thai border, later on I and my family moved to Battambang. I started working for soksabike in 2017. Before I work here, I worked at Cafe shop, called Kinyei Coffe. I graduated in 2015 from Buddhist University in Battambang. My major was Administration. I'm very happy to work with the soksabike team and I like to learn many things from everyone.


Seyha Leav Assistant Manager

Hello Everyone! My name is Seyha Leav. I was born in Kok Ompel Village, Phnom Sampov Commune, Banan District, Battambang Province. I have two siblings. I have got a younger brother. I have moved to living in Battambang city to continue my university since 2011. I am living in a rental room in town.  I was graduated in 2015 at Dewey University. My major was Management. I am working for Soksabike as an Assistant Manager. I have strated since July 2018. It is amazing for me to see myself growth in this position here. I am so happy to be a part of Soksabike Team. Even though, I just work here couple months, I have learnt a lot from team and my job. Meeting people who come for Soksabike bring me a lot of opportunity to practice my English and Customers Service skill. It is great to be a member of Soksabike team. It is not only providing me an opportunity to practice my English yet I have gained more knowledge and skills. Thanks

Phalla, senior tour guide

Phalla, Guide Training and Maintenance Supervisor, Freelance Guide

My name is Chhoy Phalla, I come from Paysvay village, Takream commune, Banan district, Battambang Province. But I now stay with my aunt who owns a house in Battambang city in order to continue my study at University. I study two  majors, one is Human Resource Management that just finished a month ago at  University of Management and Economics (UME) and another one is English Literature in year-four, semester one at Preah Sihanouk Raja BuddhistUniversity of Battambang Branch. Besides studying, I work for Soksabike as a senior guide so that I can practice my English with native speakers. I really like learning English, especially speaking and listening. In short, I love my job!

mony, senior tour guide

Mony, Marketing and Product Development Specialist, Freelance Guide

Hello! My name is Simony, everyone called me Mony. I am the third son of the four siblings in my family. I live with my family in Battambang. I start working for Soksabike in 2014. I am one of the tour guides at Soksabike. Before working here, I used to work as an English teacher. I am graduated in 2013 from Buddhist University in Battambang. My Major is Khmer Literature. I do like working here with the team. We are a good team which is working very well together. Since I have worked here, I get very good time and experience. I have been sent to join workshop and new program with Soksabike’s partners to get experience exchange. I have met a lot people from all over the world, exchange experience, knowledge and learning about the differences of the culture. I really love working with Soksabike so much. 

Pum, lead fuide

Pum, Senior Tour Guide

Hello ! My name is Pum. I was born in 1998. I come from countryside of Battambang. After I graduated from high school, I moved to city of Battambang to study at the Universality of Management and Economics (UME) . At first time it seemed quite hard for me to live and study here because I needed to pay for school and rent a house, but after Soksabike gave me an opportunity to work with them, I've gotten a lot of benefit. They also provided me with a scholarship for study at university and to improve my English  as well. I really love working with Soksabike and sharing what I have learn to another people.


Dara, lead guide

Dara, lead guide

Dara, Lead Tour Guide

My name is Dara. I am 22 year old. I am from Battambang, Cambodia.  I lived in a village near Khmer-Thai border, called Somlot before I move to live in Battambang city for my University. There are five people in my family. It is my parents, and three children. I am the third son of the three siblings in my family. Now I'm a student at University of Battambang (UBB). My major is Information Technology (IT).  I really like working with Soksabike because it is a great opportunity for me to practice my English speaking and meet a lot of people from a lot of places. I want to meet people around the world because I can learn more about experience exchange, knowledge, and cross-culture, especially I like to work here because I like cycling.

Sophara, lead guide

Sophara, lead guide

Sophara, Lead Tour Guide

I'm sophara. I live in Battambang, Cambodia. I was born on 1997 in Otakom 1village, Tul Ta EAK commune, Battambang city. I am a student of a Local English school, called USA school. I work as an assistant guide at Soksabike, and I am also under Mechanic Training at Soksabike as well. I wish to improve my knowledge and, skills. Soksabike has helped me a lot by sending to join a lot of different workshops and training with some organizations.  Soksabike gives me a chance to work with them which has directed me to my future. I am learning English and it is good to practice English with foreigner here. I really love my job, my team and Soksabike.

Sophal, lead guide

Sophal, lead guide

Sophal, Lead Guide Tour

Hello! My name is Yin Phal, everyone called me Sophal. I was born in 1996. I come from countryside of Battambang. After I graduated from high school, I moved to city of Battambang to study at the University. I am studying at University Of Battambang (UBB). My major is Information Technology (IT). It is quite hard for me to live and study when i was first here because I need to pay for school and house rental. I need to get job so it can help me with those then I apply for soksabike to get this job. I study English in school even though it is not necessary for my major. English is really important  for communication. I has started working with Soksabike for five months. I love this job so much because it help me to still stay in school while I am working to get job experiences. It is great that Soksabike gives me an opportunity to work with them. They also provided me with a scholarship to study at university and it is to improve my English as well. I’ve got  a lot of contributions for me and my studying. I really love working with Soksabike so much.

Rotha, Trainee guide

Rotha, Trainee guide

Rotha,Trainee Guide

Hello! My name is Ratha. I was born in 1998. I am from Somlot district, a rural area at Khmer-Thai Border, Battambang. I have two siblings, older sister and younger brother. My parents are peasant, living in Somlot now. After I graduated from high school in Somlot district, I moved to Battambang city to pursue my studying. In this present, I am a student in the junior year of University of Management and Economic (UME). When it was in 2016, I didn’t know English at all. I have tried to learn it step by step. So, I have spent a great deal of times to learn English. As a result, I still no confident of it. However, I am gradually changing since I have applied for Soksabike Tour Company. Soksabike Tour Company always supports all students that want to get experiences from works and improve their English skills. I am really grateful to Soksabike Tour Company that gives me and other students a wealthy opportunity. So that, we can enhance our English skills. I extremely like learning something new from my co-workers. In short, I love my job so much.

Advisory Board

Maureen Wyse

Maureen Wyse, Strategic Advisor and Advisory Board Chair

Maureen worked in Battambang with the Soksabike team from 2017 - 2018 leading the transition from Soksabike's original expat founders to the current local ownership and management team. She has experience in Event Management as well as extensive international experience. Maureen is now attending George Washington University in Washington D.C. USA for a Masters in Tourism Administration focused on Sustainable Development. Maureen is regularly working with the Soksabike leadership to help ensure Soksabike maintains its position as the top bike tour operator in Battambang!

Jose Rivera and marc adamson, L to r.

Jose Rivera and marc adamson, L to r.

Jose Angel Rivera Perez and Marc Adamson, Feel Good Coffee

Jose studied Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional management in San Francisco USA in 1982. Worked in the management team for Hyatt and Marriott Corporations in California, USA. Jose left this field to develop a school healthy food service program for Santa Monica and Malibu school district. In 1998 Jose immigrated to NZ to spend the next 15 years building a coffee roasting and café chain. Upon the sale of these businesses in 2012 Jose moved to Cambodia and co found Feel Good Coffee, a group of 10 hospitality businesses that have been transitioned into Cambodian management and ownership. Jose continues to work in a consultancy capacity for FGC and several other hospitality projects in the Kingdom.

Marc studied accountancy in New Zealand before becoming involved in the specialty coffee movement in Auckland. After establishing a successful coffee brand and 4 cafes in partnership with others, Marc joined Jose in their own brand and café chain Icoco Coffee. Over the next 15 years he and Jose started and maintained 6 successful cafes and a coffee roasting business. At the sale of these Marc relocated to Cambodia to co found FGC a social enterprise based in hospitality. As at 2018 FGC owns or is partnered in 10 businesses and all are being transitioned to Cambodian management and/or ownership. Marc continues to act as advisor to FGC managers and owners in Phnom Penh and Battambang.

Ian Jones

Ian Jones, Agile Development Group

Ian is an enterprise development and design thinking specialist with extensive experience creating and advising ‘for purpose’ businesses – values based enterprises that actively seek to generate social and environmental impact together with financial sustainability. After a career in international business, Ian began his social enterprise experience developing businesses and pathways for the employment of people with mental illness with a view to enhance the business bottom line.  After moving to Cambodia he designed and built one of Phnom Penh’s only disability accessible hotels and is now creating accessible transport with disability friendly tuk tuks.


Amy McLoughlin, Ayana Journeys

Amy has a decade-long, varied background in responsible tourism, with hands-on experience in the UK, India, Malaysia, and Cambodia. She has led sustainability campaigns that have received international recognition, such as the World Responsible Tourism Awards and WTTC's Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. To date she has assessed hundreds of tourism organisations, most recently many across Asia through her role as the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards Manager. She is also the Co-Founder of Ayana Journeys, an educational travel specialist in Cambodia - a ChildSafe Certified and Global Youth Travel Awards recognised ethical tour operator. She is passionate about and a specialist in the areas of tourism for community development, responsible alternatives to voluntourism, and travel in protected landscapes. She has regional experience since 2011, and has called Cambodia her home since 2013. 


Jake Stalker, Grasshopper Adventures

Jake has been living in Cambodia for the past 5 years working across various sectors. Having founded 1step1life, an NGO dedicated to providing university scholarships to Khmer students, Jake spent the first two years in Cambodia working on developing the local Khmer team and a group of dedicated volunteers in Australia for the NGO to become self-sufficient. Having then worked as the initial manager of Footprint Café, Jake was responsible for the initial 12 months of the project before handing over to the local team as part of the sustainable goals of the café. Jake's current role is as the Country Manager for Grasshopper Adventures where he sees his position as the perfect opportunity to mix profitable business, social good, and transformative experience for his customers. Having completed a degree in Psychology along the way, Jake has a deep passion for working with Khmer people to develop them into the future leaders of Cambodia and the world.

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