Battambang Rice Field

Battambang Rice Field

Cambodia covers 181 035 square kilometers in the southwestern part of Indochina peninsula. The country is bounded on the North Thai and Loa and on the east and southeast by Vietnam and on the west by gulf of Thailand. Among the ten countries in Southeastern Asia, Cambodia felt in a bad condition in 1975. This country has grown and developed a lot after the war was ended. After the election in 1993, an official government is set up under the law of new Cambodian assembly. The county is peaceful and developing. The economic is growing every year. Angkor Wat has become the best tourism attraction in Southeast Asia. The tourism sector is also play an important role for this significant growth as well. It has gained its popularity and attracted travelers from all over the world after this country ended the decade war in the year of 1980s. Now Cambodian government and Tourism Department are focusing on tourism sector to promote economic growth for Cambodia. Beside the Biggest monument Angkor Wat, Cambodia has a lot tourism destination both historical sites and Eco-tourism sites. When it is the best time of the year to visit Cambodia? If you are planning to make an amazing experience in Cambodia, visiting Cambodia in the Rainy Season would the best time for your visiting.

Reasons to Travel in Rainy Season

The travelers who are planning to visit Cambodia might feel hesitate or concern that rain would ruin their trip if they are visiting Cambodia in the Rainy Season. Here are reasons and clue that can tell you how the Rainy Season is like and not to worry about it.  

Cambodia in the Rainy Season

After the hottest month in April there are some rain starting slightly and not often across the country. May is the beginning of Rainy Season. The Monsoon Wind shifts form northeast to southwest bringing some rain for cultivation in Cambodia.

Farmer is bring to rice station

Farmer is bring to rice station

It doesn’t rain much in the beginning of the Rainy Season. It mostly rains in the late afternoon around 3pm or 4pm. The rain is not last longer than 3 hours if it is not storming. The weather is changing to rain more often in the evening or night at end of May. Rain move form afternoon and then night and the end of Rainy Season, it rains in the morning.

This situation allows farmers starting their preparation for farming. They start choosing the seed and plow the paddies before spreading the seed in the paddies. It would be green and famers are active in this time of the year in the countryside. Farmers are busy in this season. They are in the dirty clothes but looking great and friendly. They are smiling. Farmers, cows, and children are practicing their tradition way of living. They focus and take care this season since it is an important time to grow rice. They need to be well prepared because everything has to be ready before mid-rainy season since rice needs a lot of water. Rice is the main exported production in Cambodia. They also grow some others crops such as corn, cassava, beans and some others vegetables.

Cambodian people prefer Rainy Season than Dried Season because it is not too hot and rains bring them food such as Fishes and Frogs Snails Crab and Fresh Green Vegetable. People can do hunting to feed their family and save some money for the Dried Season. Cambodian Slogan saying that “There is water, there is fish”. Fish in this slogan means Food.

Cold Weather

Rice Field

Rice Field

After the hottest month, April it is the end of the Dried Season now. The weather is colder and the Rain is coming after April. It is cloudy most of the time. This situation allows you to make a beautiful outdoor trip because you can avoid from the hot weather. It is easy for your Biking Hiking or Walking Tour and some other cool fun activities. 


Pouring makes the sky clean afterward. Cloudy can be shady. Rice Field River and Canals are full of water. People are more active on their tasks. Having not enough water, it is hard to grow rice. People have not been active. Those activities were covered in Dried Season. Hot weather dries leaves and dirt has covers the green of view of the countryside. When Rainy Season comes, rain cleans all the dirty and bring green rice field back. The view is now fresh and beautiful. The trees have green leaves and flowers are blooming. You can see these just at the side of the road you are taking. The Monsoon air is blowing through your body when you are sweaty from your active activity.


Getting Stuck the Hotel: When it is raining, you cannot get out for your day trip. You might get stuck at the hotel and you will spend the whole day at the hotel reading book or watching TV. That is not fun. There is still the way for you to get out and enjoy your trip. You can just set your day trip a bit earlier. This mean you eat breakfast at 7 am or 7:30 am and start the day right away. There are some indoor activities as well, for example, visiting museum watching circus and Art Gallery Tour.

You can still do outdoor activities by setting to do it haft day in the morning. You need to be a bit more prepared for those activities such as biking or hiking. The rain doesn’t last long. If you take car or Tuk Tuk, they already prepare umbrellas for you. You can hire or let the hotel organize a Tuk Tuk to go to the place. 

Raincoat: When you are in Cambodia in the Rainy Season it is great if you can prepare raincoat with you. If you forget to bring it with you, it is always easy to find in every small stall near you in the area you are visiting.

Mosquito Repellent: There are more mosquitoes and insects in Cambodia this time of the year but it does not cause a lot of problems. Rain Season potentially give a good occasion for natural resources and also insects. You should prepare mosquito repellent protecting you from insects. 

Shoes: Bring proper shoe such as sport shoe because it rains sometimes. It is wet and muddy so prepare a proper shoe for your outdoor activities.

Rainy Season is the best time of the year to see real beauty of Cambodia. Get the best time to be able to create the best experience which most people believe it would not be possible. Visit our Tours click here