Biking in the Countryside

It will be an amazing experience to everyone who wish to see outside of Battambang. Along the way to the North of Battambang about 17 Kms from town, you will see very exciting landscape. To me even I was born in countryside but my favorite place is field and countryside. Whenever I live in town and I felt stress only field and countryside that can make me better and fresh my feeling. I really like to visit countryside. I hope you guys will have the great opportunity to bike with us to the country and have a lot of more field knowledge from me or from other guides, due to most of us are born the countryside. All our tour guides are students at the university. Working here help us a lot to reach our English goal. To the countryside there many different things you will see more; especially, is to see plantation that those plantation are growing corn, cucumber, chili, watermelon, and so forth.
Okay please come, see, and learn us. At Battambang countryside. Don’t miss it! by the way, My name is Sopheap and I am a tour guide.