A Great Big Thank You to ASUCD

We are energized by a recent and tremendous donation from our friends at the University of California Davis’ ASUCD Bike Barn. Thanks to the Bike Barn, the Soksabike Office is now fully kitted out for Aaron and the guides to begin bike maintenance workshops on older basket bike models, and on our fresh Giant mountain bike fleet.

Aaron previously worked as the Service Manger and Lead Mechanic at UC Davis’ ASUCD Bike Barn, and now as a volunteer with Soksabike, brings his expert knowledge and passion for fixing bikes to the team in Battambang.

The Bike Barn tool donation means that Soksabike’s fleet can get the TLC it deserves, extends the life of all Soksa’s bikes, and enables our team to start to get more hands on specialty mechanic training. Plus we have a workstation. Can you dig it?!

The batch of tools sent over from the Bike Barn includes cone wrenches, a chain whip, bottom bracket tools, freewheel and cassette tools, and even a Parktool Truing Stand! These more obscure items can be nearly impossible to track down in this part of the world, we are ever so grateful for the kindness of the bike-fix-it-gods that bestowed upon us these goods, giving us more to learn with.

So, Hip Hip Hoorah for Bike Barn! And big ups to Aaron, who has connected Soksabike with the
ASUCD Bike Barn, the outfitter/mechanic/one stop bike shop for the largest bike per capita city in the US!