Workshop (Child Safe) Report 23rd September 2016

By Soksabike Senior Tour Guide

Phalla Chhoy


1.      Introduction

-          Register participant’s name

-          Introducing everyone to each other

-          Playing game called (Basket& fruit) the loser needed to answer questions.


2.      Child Safe

-          Friends International is divided into 3

o   Friends program

o   Friends social business

o   Child safe

-          In 2015, child safe saved over 9000 children

-          Child safe logo is a Thumb

-          They provide training to TukTuk drivers and hotels staff to try to create a network of child protectors.


3.      Children have the right

-          To live

-          To develop

-          To join

-          To be protected


4.      Explanation of the ‘Children are not tourist attraction’ campaign

o   Never use children to get money from tourists. Ex: Some people have creatd orphanages and ask for support from tourists while they are visiting the children. The owners of the orphanage often try to get children from their parents to put in their orphanages.


5.      There are some activities that child protector should (do & shouldn’t do)


What we should do is to contact Childsafe workers when we see children being mistreated or abused.


We should not give money to children begging on the street. If we give money to them, it means we inspire them to be beggars forever. At the young age, it may be fine for them because people will give money to them but when they grow up, nobody will give so they may become robber. Another thing, their parents often force them to ask for money. Ex: In the news recently at Phnom Sampov, a mother blinded her own son so that he get more for the family begging.


6.      Process to be child safe agent

-          Recruitment process

-          Training

-          Exam

-          Giving certificate

-          Ads

-          Inspecting


7.      Soksabike

-          What Soksabike should do is to continue not to bring our customers to see orphanages or visit schools. Moreover, not allow tourists to hold the kids and not introduce foreigners to kids as it will mean the kids will think that that all foreigners should be approached.


8.      Conclusion

-          Sum up what we learnt above

-          Share what everyone have heard and seen so far, related to child issue.

-          Closing & taking picture