UNESCO World Heritage - Worth It?

UNESCO World Heritage - Worth It?

Battambang is in the process of applying for UNESCO World Heritage status. The city has a lot to offer to qualify it.

The center of town is full of 1930s and 1960s French Colonial architecture that's fairly well preserved, temples around town display different styles reminiscent of each era in Battambang's history - Thai occupation, Cambodian and French colonial. 

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Sharing our Knowledge: Workshop on Social Enterprise and Responsible Tourism

Sharing our Knowledge: Workshop on Social Enterprise and Responsible Tourism

As a social enterprise, Soksabike works hard to ensure our guides are receiving training to improve their skillsets but what do we do with all the knowledge our guides have aside from running tours?

Check out this post on how our staff members are educating their communities about responsible tourism and social enterprise!

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Soksabike Updates from September

Hi friends! Soksabike has continued to be busy (even in low season!) and we realized we have been neglecting our blog a bit. We wanted to send out a quick updates to all our friends, supporters, and followers who have helped us along the way!

Soksabike Team

Right now, Soksabike has 3 senior guides, 2 assistant guides, 2 trainee guides and a brand new mechanic! The team continues to grow and work together to offer the best tours in Battambang. Aside from leading our tours, our guides have been busy pursing other interests and passions outside of work…

  • One of our guides, Untac, recently went on a bike ride of over 3000KM crossing Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos in just over 2 weeks! Shortly after he arrived back home, he left for Malaysia where he placed in the top 5 in an international Barista competition while representing Cambodia.
  • Our senior guide and bike staff Phearon has been working hard as a tour guide and is starting a part time position at a local hospital where he will further his education and work as a nurse.
  • Our senior guide, Reaksmey, continues to constantly stay busy as he works as a local consultant for a new social enterprise, teaches English, and continues to study at one of the best English schools in all of Battambang.

The assistant guides and trainee guides are staying busy too; all of them are attending school and learning to be a lead guide in their free time.

We have also had the pleasure of adding one more to our team in September, a French volunteer named Vincent.  He has been a huge help around the office developing some new email templates, working on our web site, and helping with design!

Soksabike Awards

Soksabike is happy to announce that we have received Tripadvisors Certificate of Excellence for 2013! This is a very special award that is only given to the top 10% of businesses on Tripadvisor. We continue to be rated as the #1 activity in Battambang and are very proud to display a 5 star rating. We are constantly striving to improve our tours and always delighted to see our work paying off in positive reviews. We want to give a big thanks to all of you who went out of your way to review us!

A Great Big Thank You to ASUCD

We are energized by a recent and tremendous donation from our friends at the University of California Davis’ ASUCD Bike Barn. Thanks to the Bike Barn, the Soksabike Office is now fully kitted out for Aaron and the guides to begin bike maintenance workshops on older basket bike models, and on our fresh Giant mountain bike fleet.

Aaron previously worked as the Service Manger and Lead Mechanic at UC Davis’ ASUCD Bike Barn, and now as a volunteer with Soksabike, brings his expert knowledge and passion for fixing bikes to the team in Battambang.

The Bike Barn tool donation means that Soksabike’s fleet can get the TLC it deserves, extends the life of all Soksa’s bikes, and enables our team to start to get more hands on specialty mechanic training. Plus we have a workstation. Can you dig it?!

The batch of tools sent over from the Bike Barn includes cone wrenches, a chain whip, bottom bracket tools, freewheel and cassette tools, and even a Parktool Truing Stand! These more obscure items can be nearly impossible to track down in this part of the world, we are ever so grateful for the kindness of the bike-fix-it-gods that bestowed upon us these goods, giving us more to learn with.

So, Hip Hip Hoorah for Bike Barn! And big ups to Aaron, who has connected Soksabike with the
ASUCD Bike Barn, the outfitter/mechanic/one stop bike shop for the largest bike per capita city in the US!