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Sustainability – knowing what you want but not how to get there

It is very difficult to argue against the benefits of achieving sustainability. The term itself is weighted with expectation of being the “silver bullet” to our world’s problems. The Brutland Report famously described sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations ability to meet their own needs”. In […]

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On How to Travel Responsibly

As tourists we are spenders in an industry that is growing to encompass 10% of the global economy. Whilst our spending power varies, very rarely does a tourist travel without sampling local foods, visiting local sites, paying for accommodation, joining tours etc. As a growing sector, tourism represents an exciting opportunity to link economic development […]

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Battambang Locals’ Views on Tourism

Battambang has experienced unprecedented rapid development over the past 5 years. With its relaxed atmosphere, flourishing art scene, and slightly off the trodden track vibes, more and more tourists are visiting every year. Through this, Battambang has seen a sharp increase in tourist enterprises such as hotels/hostels, restaurants, bars and cafes, art galleries, and tour […]

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On Traveling – Wanderlust in the modern age

“Not until we are lost, in other words not until we have lost the world, do we begin to understand ourselves, and realize where we are in the infinite extent of our relations”  – Henry David Thoreau Economic development, technological advance, and the wanderlust of a generation lost between the old world and the new, bring […]

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Soksabike welcomed a volunteer writer/cyclist

Soksabike welcomed Kilian as a volunteer writer for the month of March. In the coming weeks, we will periodically publish articles written by him on the topics of responsible travel and sustainability. Here is his bio: Having grown up in diplomatic communities and subsequently studied at the United World College of the Atlantic, Kilian has […]

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Global Social Venture Competition in Phnom Penh

On Feb 28, Global Social Venture Competition – South East Asia was held at CJCC in Phnom Penh, and I had the pleasure of attending the conference as a judge for the morning Wildcard round. GSVC is the world’s biggest student run social business competition. GSVC SEA has traditionally been held only in Bangkok but […]

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Partnership between Tourism and Culture

I recently had an opportunity to attend an international conference on tourism and culture, organized by UNESCO and UNWTO (UN World Travel Organization) in Siem Reap in late February, 2015. The conference had about 800 participants from all around the world and I had a chance to speak with participants from Peru, Panama, Maxico, Monaco, […]

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Conflict Resolution Training at Kinyei Cafe

On Feb 20, Soksabike organized Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training by Possibilities World at Kinyei Cafe. Possibilities World is a Siem Reap based consulting and training company, providing services to both business and NGO clients. It was their first time to hold a training in Battambang. The training was led by Chhunny and Ya and […]

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Guide Training for Full Day Bike Tour

Yesterday we set out to explore Wat Kao, a Pagoda approximately 8 km outside of Battambang on the banks of the river to Siem Reap. The guides wanted to visit the site, speak to the monks at the pagoda, and re-fresh their understanding and knowledge about the place and Buddhist teachings, as part of their […]

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Roles of Buddhism in Cambodia by Mony

Hello! my name is Pich Simony; everyone calls me Mony. I was born in 1989 in Battambang, Cambodia. I live in a small family in Baydamram village, Battambang province. My parents are farmers and they also run a small business to support the family in addition to farming. They have four children and I am […]

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