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Kinyei Cafe, Soksabike’s Partner Social Enterprise

People often ask Soksabike about Kinyei Cafe and our relationship to the Cafe, so here is some information. – Kinyei Cafe opened in 2011, several months after Soksabike was started, by the same people who founded Soksabike, Justin, Mel, and Katie. It operates as a social enterprise and now fully managed and run by committed […]

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Share your Knowledge and Support Soksabike

Soksabike is always looking for opportunities to provide further training and education to our tour guides and to promote lifelong learning. – Depending on the topic and your availability, we can organize a team meeting for the guides or workshop that is open to greater public. The below are sample topics and this is not […]

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POWALI Accounting Software Workshop at Kinyei Cafe

In August, 2014, Soksabike’s partner, Kinyei café, hosted a workshop for POWALI , a free cash based accounting software designed for NGOs and social enterprises, in partnership with Social Enterprise Cambodia.  – One of the appeals of the software is the ease of pulling out reports that can detail the social impact of a project, a […]

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Water Festival and Boat Racing in Battambang (Part 2)

Earlier this week, Battambang city welcomed thousands of people who came to enjoy Water Festival and boat racing in Sangke River. Dragon Boat Races In the afternoon on Oct 7 and 8, dragon boat races took place. More than 20 boats participated from Battambang Province and three from Thailand came to compete so they can […]

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Fun Ride – Cycling in the countryside of Battambang, Cambodia

Soksabike organized a fun ride on June 1, 2014 to provide opportunities for Battambang community to enjoy cycling in the countryside. We had a big turn out of more than 30 people, Cambodians, foreigners working in Battambang, and tourists. We started at Soksabike Office around 7:30am and for those who were renting bikes from Soksabike, we got them fitted, […]

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Water Festival in Battambang and Cambodia

Battambang will celebrate Water Festival next week (on Oct 7 and 8), before the nation-wide celebration in November! Here are some background on Water Festival in Cambodia and pre-Festival Festival in Battambang! In Thailand You might have heard of Songkrant, Water Festival in Thailand, which is held every April, where everyone gets on the street […]

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Care package to the family making rice paper

Soksabike recently gave donation and a fruit basket to the family making rice paper to show our support, as the father of this family recently had appendicitis and had a surgery in a hospital in Battambang.  He is now recovering at home. The doctor told him to rest and not work for four to five […]

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Customized Fun Ride for Battambang Community

Do you have children, students, or even adults at your NGOs/schools/companies who are looking to do some fun activity together? Soksabike can organize customized fun ride around Battambang in a way that suits the interests and needs or your group! We would like to utilize our resource and experience to benefit the people in Battambang […]

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How to better store bicycles and save space

Since we recently bought several new mountain bikes, we’ve been feeling like our bike storage space could really use some extra space. Our mechanic, Pin, recently produced bicycle hangers and put them up on the walls to hang bikes..                     This is how it looked before. […]

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Oh Battambang! A Song from Cambodian’s Golden Age

As you know, Soksabike is offering a bicycle tour in Battambang province, the second largest province in Cambodia geographically speaking, and the art capital of Cambodia.  Our leisurely bicycle tour takes you to the rice fields and the guests enjoy the scenic views along the way. They also pass through and ride along Sangke River […]

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