Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Christopher Merchant, Business and Development Manager

After five years in the culture and tourism industry, I have worked across education, tour management, promotion and online marketing. Before arriving in Battambang, I worked in Taiwan improving Access to Health, Medical Ethics, and Human Rights in medicine. When not cycling, I like to spend my spare time exploring other outdoor activities such as skydiving, sailing and rock climbing.  My main goal as Buisness and Development Manager of the Soksabike team is to use tourism as a vehicle for positive development in local communities while making sure every visitor has an enjoyable time experiencing the real Cambodia.

Kanha, Operations Manager

Hello everyone! I am Kanha, I was born in Pursat province but my family moved to live in Battambang when I was young. Now I work as the Operations Manager at Soksabike during the week and study at Dewey International University at the weekend. I’m very happy that I have the chance to work with Soksabike because I learn so many things from them. I like cycling, and when I have free time me and my team always ride our bicycles to Battambang Airport because it is such a relaxing place.


Sreysor, Junior Operations Manager



Saram, Senior Tour Guide

Hello! I’m Saram. I am 23 years old and I study at a University in Battambang. I am a person who wants to make others happy and smile. I am funny, friendly and offer all information to everyone. I want to have a lot of friends all over the world. We are very happy to take you any where you wish in Cambodia and we need all of you to come here and support us. When you visit our country it measn that you come to help people in our country. Cambodia has many good things to offer travellers. All the people in Cambodia are open, honesty, helpful, friendly and want meet all of you. Our country has beautiful beaches,ancient temples,natural resort, and many more interesting things.

Phalla – Senior Tour Guide

My name is Chhoy Phalla, I come from Paysvay village, Takream commune, Banan district, Battambang Province. But I now stay with my aunt who owns a house in Battambang city in order to continue my study at University. I study two  majors, one is Human Resource Management that just finished a month ago at  University of Management and Economics (UME) and another one is English Literature in year-four, semester one at Preah Sihanouk Raja BuddhistUniversity of Battambang Branch. Besides studying, I work for Soksabike as a senior guide so that I can practice my English with native speakers. I really like learning English, especially speaking and listening. In short, I love my job!

Mony – Lead Tour Guide

Hello! My name is Pich Simony; everyone calls me Mony. I was born in 1989 in Battambang, Cambodia. I live with my small family in Baydamram village, Battambang province. My parents are farmers and they also run a small business to support the family in addition to farming. They have four children and I am the third child. I finished high school in 2008 and continued to study at Phrea Sihanuk Rahja Buddhism University where I studied Khmer Literature. I graduated in 2013 and now I am a tour guide at Soksabike. I love to read, play sports, and surf the internet in my free time.

Makara – Lead Tour Guide

Life is a Struggle. I’m Chea Makara, I was born in 1993 at Takoy Village, Thmorkol District, Battambang, Cambodia. I currently study at Build Bright University, major English Literarure and I am in my second year. I stay in the pagoda near Sangkar River, Battambang, in order to continue my study. Riding Bike is a huge part of my life, because I have used it since I studied at secondary school. I currently work for Soksabike as a Lead Tour Guide to get experience with English and to pay for my school. I can make sure that if you come to Cambodia (Battambang) you will have a great time with us and learn about the life of people in Battambang. Eventually I want to say ”you’re welcome” at the end of your visit.


Chumno – Assistant Tour Guide

Hello, my name is Chumno and I am an Assistant Tour Guide with Soksabike Tours. I recently joined Soksabike, but I love to be part of the team and learn new things every day. I hope you will have a great time in Battambang!